North Carolina Pet Partners®

Helping people live healthier and happier 
lives by sharing the healing power of pets.


How do I look into making my animal a therapy animal? 
You can reach out to us through email by contacting the NCPP President, Beth Kuoni, to start the process! 

In what ways can your organization help me? 
NCPP can help you through networking, service and outreach opportunities.  NCPP also will allow for you to participate in helping others, and allows you to spend time with animals. 

 I have limited time, but I'd still like to help out. How can I do this? 
You can always donate! we are always looking for donors and support! 

How do I donate? 
We will soon have a PayPal link! Otherwise, you can reach out to us by phone or email, and we will gladly explain how to donate. Any amount helps!